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The Bible Truth Revealed Podcast began with our first episode (Whatsoever You Bind On Earth Shall Be Bound In Heaven) on February 18, 2019. Back then, we did not have a website and used Simplecast to host our shows.

Unfortunately, the initial audio was substandard as we did not even have a proper microphone. However we still got the word out and within a few months our audio improved. By the end of the year 2019, we started Just a Word Radio, now named JAW Radio and temporarily departed from formal podcasting.

However, we created many audio clips from our radio shows, and these now form most of the content here on the Bible Truth Revealed Podcast. In fact, we create audio teachings daily! There is so much bible truth being revealed.


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Yes, so much has been revealed to us over time and we strive to lay it all out here on this JAW (Just a Word) Podcast.

For your information, our aim is to provide our visitors with every possible way to consume our content, and hence, we have Just a Word Tv for our videos, JAW Radio for radio audio, Just a Word for articles, and now Bible Truth Revealed (JAW Podcast) for those who prefer control over the audio.

Unlike the radio, here, you can search for what you want to hear and listen: rewinding, pausing or listening over and over again if you so desire.

So thanks for visiting Bible Truth Revealed Podcast from Just a Word, and please share this with someone!

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